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No Pants Dance

A/N: Here is Part 3 of :I Drew A Line For You” :) (Better late then never!)

As always requests are open!

Warnings:Swearing, mention of sex (a bit of lead up if you will)

Character:Benny Lafitte

Word Count: Approx. 2500

You drag your tired bones into the bunker as you virtually drag your duffel bag behind you; Dean and Sam are close behind, not in any better of shape. You’d all just gotten back from a vamp hunt in Missouri, little over 20 vamps living in 3 different locations that you had to hunt down individually. You didn’t think you’d seen so many at one time in your life. You kick off your boots at the door and relish in the feeling of your feet being free from their leather prison cells.

     “Hey (Y/N),Dean, Sam.” Benny greets walking into the foyer and leans against the map table. You stroll over finding a new wave of energy and wrap your arms around his neck and give him a kiss, feeling his beard scratch your skin. You feel him grin against your lips and place his hands on your waist, pulling you towards him.

     “Ugh, jeez guys, we’re right here!” Dean gags setting his bag on the table. “Sammy isn’t that just disgusting?”

     “(Y/N) and I have heard and seen you do worse things so no I think kissing is tolerable.” Sam replies smiling and shaking his head at the eldest Winchester.

     “Thank you Sammy!” You say turning and giving him a tight hug around his middle, which was about as high as you could reach. He returns with a much bigger and abrasive one as per usual. “See Dean, why can’t you be more like Sam?” You tease. You can see Dean roll his eyes and scoff. Benny laughs and takes your bag from you, lifting it with ease.

“So how did the hunt go? Sorry I couldn’t help you out but, well you know.” Benny asks looking down at the floor. Benny never did like being around other vampires. It only made for more danger to come towards you and the boys, what with other vamps finding out that Benny was still alive. But if it meant having to sacrifice Benny’s help with vamps to keep him around, it was one you and the boys would gladly take. Beside he needed a bit of a rest since he was still a bit iffy from the fiasco that happened in Louisiana a month before. Of course you wouldn’t let the boys keep you in the bunker to rest, you felt fine and sitting around the bunker just made you feel useless.

Benny felt the same way about cooping himself up in the concrete fortress. So he would go out on small hunts alone, simple stuff thank god, you already worried about Benny enough.

“It was good, took a bit longer then we would of liked but hey, we’re all back with our original limbs.” You reply

“Yeah about 20 vamps, 3 different hideouts, Fantastic.” Dean replies, sarcasm dripping from his last word. He pulls his gun from his bag and puts it in the back of his jeans. “I’m going into town for a drink, anyone wanna join me? PS It won’t be PG rated fun.”

You shake your head and laugh “No thanks, I think I’ll take it easy tonight.”

“Sammy? Offers gonna be gone in 5..4..3-“ Dean coaxes heading towards the door.

“Uh no I’d rather not watch you hit on women all night thanks. I think I’m gonna turn in. I’ll probably get up early and go for a run” Sam replies slinging his knapsack onto his back.

“Running Sam? You’re doing that crap again? Dude that’ll kill you.”

“Dean, runnin’ ain’t that bad, keeps your heart pumpin’. Looks like those burgers are taking their toll on you too brother. Might want to take it up.” Benny smirks patting Dean on the shoulder.

“Psh, I’d die from those beautiful burgers before I go running at 6am. Yeah no thanks.”

“Well goodnight.” Sam says shaking his head. He turns and starts towards the sleeping quarters. “Night Sammy.” You yell back

“Well I’ll be back later. I’ll see you guys then.” Dean says opening the door and going into the garage. “Much later I reckon and with a friend in tow” Benny says with a laugh. Dean suddenly pokes his head through the doorway again. “Hey I heard that, and you would be right. Don’t you kids do anything I wouldn’t do.” He winks as he finally leaves.

“So what would you like to do darlin’, sleep I presume?” Benny asks

“Hm, no I think I’ll take a shower first, why don’t we just hangout, watch a movie or something?” You reply sitting on the map table with your butt landing on Alaska.

“Sounds great, but not one of those Twilight movies. I tried watching one when you were gone. Who ever thought those were a good idea?” Benny asks rubbing his chin. You feel a laugh bubbling in your chest and it comes erupting from you, you hold your sides as it over takes you.

“You-you watch a Twilight movie?” You ask between giggles.

“I was bored alright.” Benny huffs crossing his arms across his chest. “It gets lonely around here without you.” You laugh and scoot onto your knees and shuffle behind Benny, hugging him from behind, standing with your knees on the table. “I’m just teasin Benny. Believe me I did worse things when you were gone. Now I’m going to take that shower.” You say as you jump down from the table. You lean down and take your bag from Benny’s grasp, hooking it onto your shoulder.

“I can carry that for you, you know.”

“I know you can my ‘big strong man’.” You grin pecking him on the cheek. “But my stuffs in here and I don’t want you to see me-“ You stop and quickly look to your left then your right. “Naked.” You whisper with a cheeky grin. You were joking of course and Benny knew that as he shook his head and laughed.

“Well in that case darling you carry that bag. And when you get out I have a little surprise for you. And take your time with that shower.” He guides you by pressing a hand on the small of your back towards your bathroom and then turns and heads towards the kitchen, tossing you a wink before you open the door and step onto the cold tiles.


You took Benny’s advice and stayed in the shower longer than usual, almost until your hands became wrinkled and tight. You stepped out of the shower and wiped a streak of fog off the mirror as you towel dried your hair. It was still a bit early in the night, so you avoid the pajamas for the moment. You wiggled in a pair of clean jeans and just as you were pulling your V-neck shirt over your head, 3 rapid knocks echo through your room.

“Darlin’ you out of the shower yet?” A thick Louisiana accent says through the door/

“Yup I’m just putting on a clean set of clothes, come in.” You reply sitting on the edge of your bed, brushing out your wet hair. You see the doorknob turn and then Benny’s form in the doorway. He had changed from shorts and an old tshirt to a dark pair of jeans and a plaid button up (since he now knew how much you liked seeing him in it).

“Ready for your surprise?” He asks extending his hand to yours. You nod and accept his hand. He pulls you up from your bed and puts a hand over your eyes. “I gotta cover your eyes for a second sugar, hope you don’t mind?”

“No by all means, I like surprises! Just don’t guide me into a wall!” You chuckle putting your hands by your side, allowing Benny to guide you through the bunker. You can sense that your nearing the dining room when you feel an object almost into your hip, causing you to stop dead in your tracks. Benny doesn’t notice and bumps into your ass.    

“You did that on purpose!” You grin shirting directions as to avoid the foreign object.

“Sorry Darlin’, got distracted.” He chuckles as you puts a hand on your hip, signalling you to stop. He takes your hand off your eyes and it takes a second for them to adjust to the light again. You gasp at the sight in front of you. A beautiful candelabrum is sitting in the middle of the table, with candles in it illuminating the dim room. It’s accompanied by two plates of spaghetti and beers to top off the meal. You run your fingers over the beautiful white lace table cloth that is dawned on the table. “Oh Benny, this is wonderful!” You turn and throw your arms around him and kiss him deeply, you feel him grin against your lips. “I just thought you might like a nice dinner, you’ve been working hard lately, and you deserve it.” Benny explains pulling your chair out for you and seating you at the table. You smile at him and the smile stays there for the entire time you spent at that table, laughing and just enjoying the little bit of alone time you’d been given. Sam’s room was quite a far bit from the dining room, so you didn’t have to worry about being too quiet.

“Oh god you should of seen Deans face when that waitress full on rejected him at the bar, oh my gosh!” You laugh as you swallow your last bite of spaghetti. Benny’s almost falling out of his chair from laughing so hard. “And Sam and I upped the ante by convincing him he was getting too old and losing his touch. We had him convinced for a good 14 hours he was out of the game. The poor man was looking in the rear view trying to find gray hairs!”

“Oh Darlin’ you sure can be mean to a guy when you want to.” Benny says wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Well let’s face it, sometimes Dean has to be brought back down to earth.” You reply taking both your and Benny’s dishes into the kitchen and placing them in the sink,filling it with hot water and soap. You start to wash off the sauce when you see Benny looking at you out of the corner of your eye. “What?” You grin looking at Benny taking a sip of your beer you had brought with you into the kitchen. You take a spoon out of the utensil drawer and look at your reflection. “Do I have something on my face?”

“No, I was just thinking.” He says taking a dish cloth and drying the now white plates. “Y’know you look beautiful.” You smile and look down at you thrown together ensemble. You now realize those ‘clean’ pair of jeans were actually riddled with stains, from blood on the thigh to mud at the ankles. You run your hand through your slightly damp hair, your fingers getting caught in a rouge tangle. You slip your fingers from your hair and pull at the hem of your shirt.

     “Thanks Benny.” You blush “But I don’t feel very beautiful. Believe it or not I thought these jeans were in the clean pile.” Benny puts the dish cloth on the rack and takes 2 long strides towards you, placing his hands on your waist and lifting you into the counter top. “Benny!” You squeal careful not to end up with your ass in the sink.

     “Darlin’ you’re always beautiful to me. You have no idea how much I miss you, and worry about you. I miss the way your hair smells when you get out of the shower; I miss the feeling of your head on my chest when you go to sleep at night. But if you’re really worried about them jeans you’re wearing, then I’ll gladly remove them.” He grins placing kissed along your jaw. You hum in response and shift a little on the counter, feeling a bit of water on the back of your jeans, signalling you that you’re a bit too close to the sink that’s still filled with water. “Benny my jeans are getting wet!” You laugh against his lips. He pulls back and looks into your (E/C) eyes as a sly smirk pulls on the corner of his lips. You lightly swat his chest with your hand. “Jerk! You know what I mean!”

     “Well there’s another reason for you to be getting rid of those pants.” He replies brushing his lips against yours once again.

     “Everyone is going to keep their pants on until I get food.” You hear a foreign voice in the room and instantly jump on the counter, landing directly in the sink. You feel the dirty water soaking through the bottom of your jeans and it splashes up covering both you and Benny. “Jesus Sam! You scared me!” You blurt out as you feel your cheeks turning red.

     “Uh Sorry, I’ll knock next time?” Sam replies unsure of how he should respond. You can see he’s trying to stifle a laugh as he quickly strolls over to the fridge, fishing out a salad that Benny must have had while you were away.

     “I thought you were going to sleep?” You asked aggravated as you grip Benny’s forearm as he pulls you up. Benny too is trying his best to keep it together. “Are-are you okay (Y/N).” He says choppily holding his fist to his mouth. You glare at him and shift in your wet jeans. “Yes, Fine.” You reply.

“I was but uh, I was just hungry. Can’t seem to fall asleep on an empty stomach.” Sam replies. “Well, goodnight!” He smirks exiting the kitchen rather quickly. Benny looks at you once he knows Sam is gone and grins.

     “What now?” You ask smiling, not able to contain your own laughter anymore.

     “You stand there any longer and there’s gonna be a lake in this kitchen, sweetheart.” He says pointing to your feet. You look down and see that the water had traveled down your legs and started to collect in a small puddle on the floor. You both start laughing as you take your foot and tap the puddle, causing water to splash onto Benny’s pant leg. “Hey!” Don’t get me wetter then I already am!” He says motioning to his soaked plaid shirt and the front of his jeans.

     “Well come one then! Now we both have an excuse to lose our pants!” You giggle grabbing his hand and leading him to your room. “We can do the no pants dance!”

"Please do that dance in your own space!" Sam yells from his room. " I forgot a fork and I really don’t wanna see you two in your underwear!"

Eye to Eye


*I don’t own this b-e-autiful gif, I found it*


Word Count:1849

Prompt: merlin/reader fic where he’s always lovingly teasing her about how she’s as tall as him(which is 7/8 inches taller than most girls in Merlin)and it’s just them teasing eachother(she makes jabs at his ears sneaking kisses while working and all cute

There was also a request for a fluffy merlinxreader, so I thought you mix the two. (for now at least)

Warnings:None just a bit of fluff :)

Other: This took waaaaay longer then I wanted. I’ve been suffering from a bit of writers block lately so I apologize deep down from my Canadian heart if this isn’t as awesome as it should be, FORGIVE MEE!Oh god, I’ll stop talking now.



            You quickly make your way to the stables as the empty bucket you carry knocks against your leg. You set it at the doorway to the smelly stalls as you sneak up behind him. You giggle to yourself as you hear him cursing under his breath. “Muck out the stalls Merlin. Make yourself useful Merlin.” He mocks that of Arthur as he aggressively shovels the filth on the dirt floor. “I’m late with one breakfast and I get stuck with the task of cleaning these wretched stalls.” You’d always though it was so cute when he talked to himself like that. Making up miniature conversations with himself, allowing him to actually say what was on his mind. Without consequences from Arthur, Uther, or Gaius. You continue to make your way to him, careful as not to step in anything…Unpleasant.  When you’re a few inches away, you slip your hands around and place them over his eyes. “Guess Who?” You whisper.

            “Hm, I don’t know, can I have a hint?” Merlin jokes as he smiles and leans against his shovel.

            “Well, I’m the only one in the kingdom that can actually look you in the eyes without looking neither up nor down at you.” You reply. He removes a hand from the shovel handle and taps his finger on his lips, thinking,(though he obviously knew who it was).   “Is it Arthur?” He asks enthusiastically.

`           “No silly, it’s (Y/N)!” You reply, removing your hands and tugging on his right ear gently. “I would think you would be able to hear me coming!”

            “Oh I may not of heard you but even amidst the stench of the horses I could smell you coming, honey and cinnamon as always?” He asks turning around and gently placing his hands on your waist.

            “M-hm, Chef is making some sort of dessert for the banquet tonight. You’ll be there won’t you?” You ask tenderly.

            “Of course, where would Arthur be without his faithful servant?” He replies. You step out of his grasp and curtsy before him. “It’s a great honor to be in the presence of such an important person in the royal household.”

            Merlin laughs and bows in return “Likewise my dear.”  You smile and gently cradle his face in your hands. You can see your reflection in his tantalizing blue orbs; you’d never seen another person with such beautiful eyes. You see them slowly look from your face to your lips as he inches his towards you.

            “Merlin are you not finished with these stalls yet!?”

            You jump from Merlin at the sudden intrusion and turn towards the door. You can feel your blood rushing to your cheeks as Merlin rubs the back of his neck in frustration.  “What are you doing here (Y/N)? Shouldn’t you be helping the cook with the banquet dinner?” Arthur asks eying the empty bucket you had left at the door.

            “She was just getting some water and I called her in here to ask what was on the menu for tonight.” Merlin interjected leaning his shovel against the wall. “ I just finished with the stalls.”

            “I see. Well come on then, you’re behind, our training was supposed to start a half an hour ago.” Arthur says picking up your bucket and handing it to you. “ If you’ll excuse us (Y/N).” Arthur jerks his head towards the door, signalling Merlin of their departure. You avoid eye contact with Arthur as he leads, but you see Merlin quickly pecks you on the cheek and he follows .


            “You know Merlin has been looking in this direction all evening.” Guin whispers to you as you all stand along the banquet hall wall. Uther was finishing one of his speeches that none of you were really listening to. And Gwen was right, it seems Merlin wasn’t either. You catch each others gaze and smile as Uther’s speech comes to an end. Arthur snaps his fingers and Merlin strolls to his side, never breaking eye contact with you as he leans down and listens to Arthur. Merlin stands again and starts making his way towards you as Arthur calls you to him. You carry the dish of dessert to him, expecting he wants seconds. As you and Merlin pass each other his hand brushes against yours, and puts something in your hand. You grip it tight and shove it in your dress sleeve as you offer the dessert to Arthur.

            “Your majesty.” You say smiling at him.

            “Thank you (Y/N), It’s very good. Give my regards to the chef will you?” Arthur asks shoveling the sweet Danish into his mouth.  Why he couldn’t do it himself was a mystery. That’s one of the things you never liked about Arthur, or understood is a better word. You knew he had a good heart, but at times you had to question him. Why Guin was so taken with him was beyond you, but you supposed he was handsome, and she seemed to always bring out the best in him.

            “Of course, I’m sure he appreciated it greatly.” You reply smiling and returning to your place along the wall.


The meal ended not long after that and you had almost forgotten about Merlin’s note. Once you had returned to the castles kitchen, you sat down at the table and fished the note from your sleeve.

            You look beautiful tonite. I’ll be late leaving the castle so don’t wait up for me. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.


            You smiled and press the note to your heart. It was always so hard for you to believe that someone could love and care for you that much. Ever since you were young, you’d always been on the taller side for a girl, sometimes being taller than most men around you, which didn’t make for an easy life. But Merlin always made you feel beautiful and whole. Suddenly an idea swept into your head as you finished cleaning up the banquet dishes. You grabbed a plate and set a freshly made cake that hadn’t been eaten during the dinner onto it, draping a handkerchief over it. You quietly made your way up the stone steps from the kitchen to the upstairs chambers. Merlin was just leaving Arthur’s chambers as you had planned when he saw you walking down the corridor towards him. You pull the cake behind your back as he meets you halfway.

            “(Y/N) it’s late, what are you doing here?” He asks placing his hands on your waist. “ I thought I told you not to wait?”

            “Calm down Merlin, I just finished cleaning up the dishes from the banquet. The knights make quite the mess you know. “

            “Don’t I know it.” He chuckles.

            “I just thought I’d bring you a little surprise.” You bring your hand from behind your back and dramatically sweep the handkerchief from the pastry, revealing it to him. “Ta-da! I have my own magic!” You guide him into a small alcove in the hallway and sit down, patting the empty space beside you. Merlin smiles and accepts the invitation.

            “Oh I forgot forks.” You huff placing the plate on the floor between you.

            “Are you sure? Check your apron pockets.” Merlin smirks and snaps his fingers. You put your hand down your right hand pocket and feel the cold metal of 2 silver forks.

            “You’re getting pretty good at that, an improvement when you tried to get me some flowers and ended up with a cat instead.” You giggle handing him a fork and digging yours into the fluffy dessert.

            “Maybe I was trying to get you a cat?”

            “Merlin, I hate cats.” You say bluntly. You look him dead in the eye and watch the color drain from his face as he forcefully swallows the mouthful of cake that was in his mouth. You quickly set your fork down and put your arm around his back. “Merlin I was joking, I swear. You know I love that cat, even though Mother can’t stand him in the slightest.” You giggle pecking him on the cheek. He breathes a sigh of relief and scoops a bite of cake onto his fork and brings it to your mouth. You open your mouth and happily eat the sweet delight. “Mmm it’s so sweet.” You say licking some crumbs off your fingertips.

            “Just like you are.” Merlin says sweetly putting his hand on your cheek. For the second time today you can feel your cheeks get hot. You were sure your face was turning a crimson red. Like a replay of earlier that day, you looked at his eyes as he inched closer and closer to you, finally your lips connected in a sugary kiss. You could taste the cake that had been on his lips. You separated and leaned your forehead against his. Merlin smiles and says “ Thank God Arthur didn’t ca-“

“Merlin! Where are you!” Arthur shouts from the hallway. You can hear his heavy boots on the stone floor getting closer to your hiding place, thankfully the space you were in hide you from the light of the corridor. Merlin pressed his finger to his lips, signalling you to be silent. But as Arthur nears you, he stops directly in front of you.

            “Merlin, I know you’re there, come on. You too (Y/N).” Arthur coaxes to you both. You look at Merlin wondering how he could have known where you were. You get up, taking the plate with the half eaten cake with you, putting the forks back into your apron pocket and step into the candlelit hall.

            “Bit late to be up and about isn’t it?” Arthur asks raising a brow at you and breaking a chunk of cake off the plate and popping it in his mouth.

            “I just thought I would bring Merlin a bit of a treat, seeing as he left the banquet early.” You say.

            “Well that’s nice of you.  But Merlin’s got to get back to training. His tardiness this morning is being made up for in night sessions. I’d suggest you go home before it gets any later. Would you like a guard to escort you home?” He asks sincerely.

            “Oh no I’m fine, thank you. Good night Arthur. Goodnight Merlin.” You say before throwing Merlin a wink and turning on your heels and starting back to the kitchen.

            “Wait (Y/N). Leave the cake.” Arthur says taking the plate from your hands and waving you off again. You and Merlin exchange looks and smile at each other.

            “Enjoy! Training does make a man hungry.” You tease leaving again. As you walk away you can hear a bit of their conversation.

            “Merlin you must choose a better hiding place. Where do you think Guin and I go to have our nightly conversations, the stable? Anyway, I knew you liked her. Not bad looking, but not my type, little too tall.” Arthur says between mouthfuls of cake. You can almost feel Merlin’s gaze boring a hole in the back of your head as you hear him say.

            “No, I think she’s perfect.”


  • 1:

    What are you wearing?

  • 2:

    Ever been in love?

  • 3:

    Ever had a terrible breakup?

  • 4:

    How tall are you?

  • 5:

    How much do you weigh?

  • 6:

    Any tattoos do you want?

  • 7:

    Any piercings that you want?

  • 8:


  • 9:

    Favorite Show?

  • 10:

    Favorite bands?

  • 11:

    Something you miss?

  • 12:

    Favorite song?

  • 13:

    How old are you?

  • 14:

    Zodiac sign?

  • 15:

    Hair Color?

  • 16:

    Favorite Quote?

  • 17:

    Favorite singer?

  • 18:

    Favorite color?

  • 19:

    Loud music or soft?

  • 20:

    Where do you go when you're sad?

  • 21:

    How long does it take you to shower?

  • 22:

    How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

  • 23:

    Ever been in a physical fight?

  • 24:

    Turn on?

  • 25:

    Turn off?

  • 26:

    The reason I joined Tumblr?

  • 27:


  • 28:

    Last thing that made you cry?

  • 29:

    Last time you cried?

  • 30:

    Meaning behind your url

  • 31:

    Last book you read?

  • 32:

    Last song you listened to?

  • 33:

    Last show you watched?

  • 34:

    Last person you talked to?

  • 35:

    The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

  • 36:

    Favorite food?

  • 37:

    Place you want to visit?

  • 38:

    Last place you were?

  • 39:

    Do you have a crush?

  • 40:

    Last time you kissed someone?

  • 41:

    Last time you were insulted and what was it?

  • 42:

    What color underwear are you wearing?

  • 43:

    What color shirt are you wearing?

  • 44:

    What color bottoms are you wearing?

  • 45:

    Wearing any bracelets?

  • 46:

    Last sport you played?

  • 47:

    Last song you sang?

  • 48:

    Last prank call you remember doing?

  • 49:

    Last time you hung out with anyone?

  • 50:

    Favorite movie?

Just Promise Me We’ll Be Alright ~A Sequel

A sequel to “I Drew A Line For You” :

Character:Benny Lafitte

Word Count:1839

Warnings: Mild swearing, blood.

Other: I will write a part 3 if anyone is interested! But for now I hope you all enjoy part 2! 

Italics are readers ‘flashback’!

Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors. I may or may not have written this in a hurry :(

Requests are open as always!


                 A constant beeping noise echo’s through your head as you awaken from a deep sleep. Your eyelids slowly slide open as the world comes into focus. The first thing you see is Benny seated in the chair beside your hospital bed. His eyes are shielded by his sunglasses, protecting him from the bright florescent lights radiating in the white room. You can tell by his slow and steady breathing, and the way he held his head that he was sleeping. You smile as you look down to see your hands in his.

            “Hey (Y/N), how are you feeling?” Sam asks quietly. You turn your head to face him, only now noticing that both he and Dean were also there.

            “Little groggy, but I’ve been worse.” You reply smiling

            “I don’t I’ve ever seen someone lose that much blood before. We had to make up quite the story to keep these guys from calling the cops, you and Benny being in the state you were.” Dean says getting up from his own chair and strides to the open window, squinting in the mid morning light streaming in.

            “State? What state?” You ask quickly looking at Benny’s still sleeping body.

            “Uh he was covered in blood, remember? Kinda hard to explain why we’re bringing in a girl with nearly no blood left in her body, along with a guy covered in the stuff. Told em he found you and the blood belonged to the guy that attacked you.” Sam explains.

            “So why is he clean now?” You ask, obviously still flighty from the drugs since he’d clearly got a change of clothes from Sam judging from the plaid on him now. It was a good look. For him. You remind yourself to get him to wear plaid for often.

            “(Y/N)?” Dean asks waving his hand in front of your face.

            “Uh yeah sorry, these drugs guys, wow.”

            “Pain killers, you kinda needed them.” Sam says gesturing to your bandaged arm. “ But Dean and I went back to the motel, did a bit of research and got Benny some fresh clothes.

            “He smelled like a damn dumpster.” Dean says cringing. “He got whatever he was covered in all over poor Baby.”

            “And he stayed here the whole time?” You asked watching Benny’s chest slowly rise and fall, ignoring Deans boyish complaints. You were rather surprised that he was still asleep, while you and the boys were talking rather quietly, vampires weren’t known for being heavy sleepers.

            “Yeah he never left that stupid chair.” Dean groans arching his back. “ I don’t know how he did it, god they’re hard on the ass.” You turn your attention back to the boys, deciding to try and let Benny have a bit more time to rest. If he had been there for as long as the boys led on, he needed it.

            “So, research, what did you guys find out?” You ask as you take your forefinger and trace the veins and knuckles on Benny’s calloused hand.

            “Uh, you know the usual, just a vengeful spirit. The bones are buried in the local cemetery, Dean and I will salt and burn them at sundown.” Sam replies nervously. “ But right now we’re worrying about you. So do you feel ok?”

            “If by ‘ok’ you mean not wanting to kill you both by drinking you dry, then yes I’m ‘ok’. I take it I didn’t turn then?” You ask. Sam and Dean both exchange looks, and engage in one of their ‘silent conversations’. Your heart dropped as you read them both like a book. You run your tongue over your gums on the top of your mouth, checking to see if fangs had developed.

            “Guys?” You ask again silently demanding them to explain to you what had happened

            “Yeah (Y/N), you turned. You were full on vamp for about 3 hours. We took you to a hideout Benny was using while Sam and I looked for a cure.” Dean says quietly, taking his hands and rubbing his chin.  And suddenly, it came back to you.


            Your head is pounding with what sounds like a thousand drums of war echoing through your ears. The hearts of those around you, pumping blood throughout their bodies. You writhe and yell under Benny’s grasp.  “Benny! Wha-whats happening to me!?” You say through gritted teeth, though you knew exactly what was happening.

            “Sh darlin’, you gotta calm down, breath. Lie down.” He whispers in your ear as he leads you to the bed in the corner of the nearly empty room.

            “How am I supposed to calm down with all this noise?” You yell placing your hands over your ears. “Oh God, Benny make it stop!”  You rip your hands from your ears and try to push him away. “Get away from me Benny! Just leave me here!” Benny grabs your hands and criss-crosses them around your torso, so he has a firm hold of you from behind. He sits down on the bed and you go down with him, landing between his legs. Placing his chin on top of your head he starts rocking your body slowly left and right. You continue to wiggle and kick against him as he starts to speak. “(Y/N) please, you got to calm down. Remember what we said in the car? We’ll be alright, you’re going to be alright, I promise. Dean and Sam will find a way, I’ll be right here.”

            “Benny I can feel it. I need it!” You cry as tears of frustration and sadness start pouring down your face.

            “No, no you don’t, you’ve got to fight it, just for a little bit longer. I won’t let this happen to you. I’m sorry (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” Benny’s voice suddenly breaks and his chest heaves in an erratic rhythm, containing the sobs in his lungs. “I should have never drunk your blood. I should have never said your name. I should have just kept my god damn mouth shut. I should have died in that damn alleyway. If I actually loved you (Y/N) I would have just stayed away. I’m a monster, and I always will be.” He moved his head to the crook of your neck as he continues to sway your bodies back and forth, calming you down further, as you felt his tears drop onto your shoulder.

            “Benny,(Y/N)!” Dean yells as he and Sam barge into the darkly lit room. “We found something; here we need some of your blood.” He untangles one of Benny’s arms from yours and drags the blade across his palm, making blood cascade down into the metal bowl Dean held under it. Your vision starts to blur once again as you see Sam throw a match into the bowl, along with a few ingredients you couldn’t place. He chants a spell and the contents of the bowl explode as you scream, a searing pain going through your veins,. “Benny!” You cry as you cling to his arms as you can feel yourself becoming weaker and weaker by the second, and finally your world goes quiet, yet you can just hear Benny’s voice as you go limp in his arms.


            You bite your lip the boys fill you in on the details you couldn’t remember. How you had been out for nearly 3 days, the doctors didn’t know why you weren’t responding to their meds. And the boys didn’t know if their spell had worked either.           

            “We thought we lost you (Y/N).” Sam said taking your free hand and giving it a squeeze before getting up and giving you a hug, lighter than his normal bear hugs. “Good thing your awake, you’re the only one Dean really listens to. We’d both be in trouble if anything happened to you”

            “Hey! I’m right here!” Dean snorts giving Sam a light punch on the arm. “ Ok enough ‘chick flick moments’. We’ll let you get some rest kiddo.” Dean smiles also giving you a hug and placing a stray hair behind your ear.

            “Kiddo, Dean? Really? I’m 3 years younger than you!” You say irritated. You’d always hated when he called you that.

            “That’s makes me 3 years your senior.” He says patting you on the head. “Now get some rest, Sammy and I are going to go do some more research and take care of that ghost, we should be back on route to the bunker by tomorrow.”

            “Alright, now get outta here old man.” You laugh as you throw your pillow at his head. “Oh and guys?”

            “Yeah?” Sam answers as Dean peels the pillow from his face.

            “Thank you.” You smile as they return the favor and leave you alone with your sleeping companion. As soon as the door clicked shut, you felt the hand that had been holding yours stir and squeeze yours.

            “I thought they’d never leave.”  Benny says as he lifts his head and grins at you.

            “How long have you been awake?” You giggle as you scoot out from under the light blue bed covers and sit cross legged facing him.

            “Halfway through your recollection of that hell I put you through.” Benny says quietly as he gets up and shuts off the light in the room. He removes his sunglasses and  you see his eyes are glassy.

            “Benny, sit down.” You say patting the area of bed beside you. He slowly lowers himself down but avoids looking you in the eye. “Look at me. This wasn’t your fault, it was my idea to do this. If I had the choice to go back and change my decision I wouldn’t. If I hadn’t of let you do it Benny you’d be dead. Do you know how much that scares me? More than the thought of being a vampire. When Dean told me you were back in Purgatory I was heartbroken, but I always kept the faith that you’d be able to come back somehow.”

            “(Y/N), I’m a-“

            “Benny you are not a monster! And I never want to hear you say that ever again!” You snap as you cradle his face in your hands, feeling his beard scratch your soft palms. “I love you Benny. You have heart, and compassion. I’ve met a lot of monsters and you aren’t one of them.” Benny’s eyes slide up from their gaze on the tiled floor and into your (E/C) eyes. He brings a hand up and places it on the back of your head and pulls your lips towards his and catches them in a long awaited kiss, sending electricity through your body.

            “ Okay, it’s time for your lunch Miss- Oh god I’m sorry!” The nurse freezes in the doorway of your room and starts to leave again. “I’ll come back later.”

            “No, its fine, please come in!” You laugh as you feel the blood rush to your cheeks as you pull away from Benny. “I’m starving.”

            “ Other than starvation, how are you doing?” She asks sweetly. You look back to Benny and smile.

            “I’m doing alright.”


I have written a part 3, that little ditty can be found here :


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I Drew a Line For You

Character: Benny Lafitte

Word Count: 1456

Other: (Y/N)=Your Name

Based on the imagine : “Imagine being out late at night and running into Benny,collapsed and in need of blood.”

I did write a sequel, that can be found here :)


You toss and turn in your ’ hadn’t been clean in 2 months’ motel bed. Sticking you in the Louisiana heat was like putting you straight into the fiery pit of hell itself. You couldn’t stand the heat that made you feel like Niagara Falls was trickling down your forehead. You took the back of your hand and wiped the sweat from your brow. “God I’ve had enough.” You thought flinging the thin sheet you were under away from your sweaty form`. Of course you and the boy were stuck with the room with no working air conditioning,  even Sam tried to fixed it, with no success.  You swing your legs over the edge of the bed and quietly wiggled into a pair of shorts so you wouldn’t wake the boys. You squeezed your eyes and cringed at the loud creak the door made as you opened it into the cooler air of the outside world.
    You were working a case in a small town, a ghost problem in the local haunted house, but while you, Sam and Dean had been working around the clock to just find out the identity of the ghost, you kept coming up with dead ends. Hot and frustrated, you all thought it was time for a well deserved nights sleep. If it wasn’t for the damn heat, you too would be unconscious in the motel, not strolling down the dead street of the sleepy town. All the signs on the little stores and diners were turned to “Closed”, the occasional light up billboard were black. The only light coming from the orange street lights. Even at 11 o’clock, not a soul was on the street, as though one would be turned to stone if they were caught outside at this time of night. But then again, the topic of hours in a day and the thoughts of curfews were long lost in your mind. Ever since you were 16, you were on your own. Never given the rule of curfew, or even  of when the normal time to go to bed was. You mostly got a good 4 hours of sleep every few days,if you were lucky. Suddenly your thoughts were interrupted by a low groan coming from a dimly lit side street attached to a little restaurant. You stopped and listened more intently this time,reaching down and taking the ever present knife from your back pocket.
    ”(Y/N)?” A voice asked quietly, thick with some type of accent you couldn’t quite make out. But you made out the figure as that of a man sitting on the ground,leaning against the wall of the restaurant.
    ”How do you know who I am?” You ask slowly stalking your way into the small street. You kept your back to the opposite wall, as not to give anyone who might want to harm you the advantage of having your back to them.
    ”It’s me (Y/N), Benny.” The stranger croaked out. You couldn’t believe it, it had to be some kind of trap. Neither you or the boys had seen Benny since Dean sent him to Purgatory to find Sam. But as you neared the figure, his familiar face came into view The first thing you noticed was his light blue shirt, ripped to shreds and covered in blood. Benny’s face was covered in deep gashes and cuts, his blue eyes were barely even open, his head,hanging weakly to the right.
    ”Hello Darlin’. Nice t- see ya ” He almost whispered turning his head towards you and  pulling one side of his mouth into a one sided grin. You quickly crouched down, dropped the knife on the ground and cupped his face with your hands. You searched his eyes to see what was wrong. Pain and suffering looking back at you as you continued to look him up and down.
    ”Oh god Benny, what happened to you?”  You asked as you felt tears building up in your eyes and a burning lump growing in your throat. You took out a handkerchief you always kept with you and pressed it against the gashes on his head, trying to wipe away any access blood.
    ”Purgatory. G-got out and came here. Nearest town.” He croaked weakly. His upper body started to sway back down when you caught him and brought him onto your lap, cradling his head. You knew exactly why he was so weak, not from Purgatory alone, but from the lack of fresh blood he so needed. You weighed the options in your mind. You couldn’t let Benny go. You’d rather die then let him slip between your fingers again. It had taken you two years to stop crying yourself to sleep with the thought of Benny being stuck in Purgatory for eternity. Again.
    You knew there was no close hospital to get any blood from. Not like you would of had time to retrieve any anyway. He was fading and fading fast. You were grateful however, that it was this town he crawled into, some where you were and could look after him. “Stop over thinking.” You thought to yourself. This was no time to be thinking about such things. If you didn’t hurry you’d lost him.
    You slowly picked up your knife you had discarded a few minutes before and watched the light from the streets reflect onto the blade. You slowly took your arm from beneath Benny’s head and grazed the blade against your forearm. You knew the flow of blood from just your arm wouldn’t sustain him for long, but maybe just long enough to get Sam and Dean and find Benny a decent fix. If it would turn you, that was something you didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. You started to drag the blade across your arm, cringing at the sharp pain surging through you.
    ”Benny.” You said gently nudging him putting your arm by his mouth. “You gotta drink.”
    You see his eyes slowly open and then slam shut. He then pushed away from you and tried to stand, falling back to the ground with a groan. “No, no I can’t. You gotta get out of here. I don’t want to hurt you.” He said as he scooted back towards the brick wall you had found him on, trying to get as far from you as he can. You crawled towards him and thrust your arm back at him.
    ”Benny, if you don’t, you won’t last long enough for Dean and Sam to find us and get you more blood. If I turn, I turn. But we have a way to get me back to normal. You gotta drink Benny. Now. I am not going to lose you again!” You order pressing your bleeding wound to his lips as the tears  escaped from your eyes. His eyes open again and shoot to yours, again filled with fear,shame,and also relief. He clings to your arm and starts to feed, you can feel his teeth grazing against your arm, trying his hardest not to cause you unnecessary pain. After several minutes, you started to feel light headed and felt your body sway back and fourth.You started slumping downward and your vision started to fade, suddenly the whole world is black and silent, just like the sleepy town was a half hour before.
    When you came to, you felt a pair of huge arms carrying you and laying you down onto the back seat of the Impala.
    ”(Y/N), can you hear me?” You heard Deans voice hazily cloud your ears. “We’re going to take you to the hospital.”
    ”Benny…Gotta get- for Benny.” You try and say as you’re shoulders are lifted up and your laid on someones lap. You strain your eyes to see the person you were lying on, Sam? No, Benny. Your eyes meet and you slowly beam a smile at him, Benny reflecting the same warm grin. But your eyes once again grow heavy, as they start to slowly close. You feel his hand start to stroke your hair and run the pad of his thumb on your cheek.
    ”Don’t worry Darlin’, Dean had a supply stashed away. Crafty son of a bitch.” He says wrapping your handkerchief round your slashed arm. ” Don’t you worry, we’ll have you patched up in no time. You’re gonna be just fine.” You open your eyes and squeeze his hand as he wipes a few stray tears from your face. You smile up at him, tears welling in your eyes again. “Hey, it isn’t my first rodeo.” You reply. He laughs and leans down,kissing your forehead. He looks at Dean’s concerned face through the rear-view mirror and smiles.
"We’ll both be just fine."

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